RESIN ART Using Metallic Gel: Making this Art Piece was a really fun and good experience for me, though It didn’t come to my expectation, as I did not let it dry Safely… So let’s try it again some other time because I really love the idea and colour combination I used… Hope you will enjoy watching it too…

Materials Required:

1) Epoke Art Epoxy Resin Starter Kit

2) EPOKE Hot Pink – Art Resin Metallic Gel EPOKE Kohinoor Gold – Art Resin Metallic Gel Chrome Rose Gold – EPOKE Art Resin Metallic Gel Mystic Blue (ghost blue) EPOKE Peacock Blue Art Resin Metallic Gel Pigment

3) MICRO Brass Automatic Gas Torch or

4) Circle MDF Boards for Art

5) Biodegradable paper cup

6) 5 Layer Filter Protection Face Mask and Hand gloves

7) Icecream sticks for mixing…

8) Masking tape