SCULPTURE PAINTING Materials: SCULPTURE PAINTING is made using Sculpture Paste and Palette Knife. Sculpture Paste is a Decorative Paste which can be used to make 3D Flowers and do Relief work. The process is to scrape sculpture paste in different angels/ways and place it on base to get the right formation of Relief/Flower Petal. When the same process is repeated with a beautiful composition, you make a painting. The drying time of Sculpture depends on the paste, an Artist has mixed to make the painting. Once the painting has dried completely, different colours can be used to make it look more decorative and presentable. I will always suggest you buy a good brand of Sculpture Paste, so the painting u make will be bright, beautiful and firm for as long kept… – by Nilima Mistry CREATIVE ART

1) Itsy Bitsy- Sculpture Snow Spread Rose Blush – Seaweed – Jamaican Bay – Pineapple Swirl – Midnight Black – 2) Mont Marte Studio Palette Knife – Stainless Steel Set, 5pc Mont Marte Palette Knife – No.10 Mont Marte Palette Knife – No.6 or Art pavilion Professional Artist Painting Knife Set (13Pcs) 3) Gilding Paste 4) Gilding Flakes Gold or Embossing Powder Gold 5) Mont Marte Easy Clean Wood Palette – 30x40cm OR Mont Marte Tear-off Paper Palette – 23×30.5cm, 50gsm, 36Sheets 6) Canvas Board Circle 4mm MDF Board | Pack of 3 Sheets