RESIN POUR COASTERS: Resin pour is one of the easiest and fun things to do, while creating Art. Sometimes while creating fluid art, and things may go out of control, still you may have options to do it without wasting your the medium. This video will show you one of the best ways to create Art, even when you r in trouble / tense. I always keep extra coasters with me while doing fluid art, and use it whenever I need.


1) Epoke Crystal Clear Epoxy Art Resin Kit

2) EPOKE Art Resin Pigments Ocean Effect Kit – (Combo of 6)

3) EPOKE Art Resin Pigment – Translucent Blue – 75g Cabernet Purple – EPOKE Art Metallic Gel – 75g EPOKE Art Epoxy Pigments Metallic Kit (Combo of 6)

4) Plain Round Circle MDF Blank Coasters for DIY, Artwork, Decoupage SQUARE PLANE Blank Wooden DIY Crafts Coasters (Set of 50)

5) Gas Torch Flame

6) Paper cups & Icecream sticks to mix

7) Electronic Digital Scale